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o.10315Diptyque is a brand that is surrounded by French elegance and history. Candles, perfumes, room fragrances and bath and body products, all made with natural scents, make up the simple but solid collection of this brand.

In 1961, three creative friends named Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Yves Coueslant, all from the world of fine arts and décor, decided to open a bazaar store in Paris, on 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain. From here, they displayed and sold their designs and other things they had found during their travels. They also gave their customers the opportunity to discover the biggest names in traditional English perfumes, then little known in France.

In 1963 they produced a line of scented candles of their own, which eventually became the main focus of the brand. Because of the success of these scented candles, they expanded their line with their first eau de toilette in 1968. Named l’Eau, it is inspired by a 16th-century potpourri recipe and the scent of pomanders. Since the added success of the first perfume, Diptyque has been producing a refined collection of eaux de toilettes with a highly distinctive signature for over 40 years. The scents are inspired by nature and travel, the forgotten taste of a particular fruit, exotic spices and subtle notes of wood. Slowly, the brand expanded and also used their signature scents in other products, like room fragrances and bath and body product.


The Diptyque products aren’t just products; they tell a story and create a ceremonial experience. It feels authentic. The story is flawlessly communicated and every product feels lovingly created. The scents, materials, packaging, visuals and store experience communicate Diptyque’s powerful narrative.




Diptyque can always be recognized by the iconic oval, which can be found on all products made by the brand. The shape is of a shields of ancient Rome or an 18th-century medallion. While the emblematic shape always stays the same, the rest of the design often gets reinvented for new products.

It shows that Diptyque is started by three very creative people, because they collaborate with known and unknown artists who help them design great products, graphics and packaging. Some of my favourites:

safia ouares diptiqye new
Safia Ouares


Kuntzel & Deygas


jmgJean-Marc Gady


mina perhonen new

Minä Perhonen


Lanternes_Paris-Tokyo_BDJosé Levy


DIPHomeSqBg (1)

Skaggs Creative



Pierrick Calvez


qubo gasQubo Gas