Monthly Archives: March 2015

The faceted trend evolving

Being a countermovement from hyper realistic animations, video-games and computer images, this polygonal way of creating images gives hard edges to round shapes. The design world is ready to move away from the organic forms of the past few years. Realistic shapes are used in a faceted way, or the shapes are altered using some new edges.

collage facetted interiour
The faceted trend has gone¬†on for quite a while now and can already be seen in mainstream designs, packaging, typography and retail, but we can see some developments. More and more details are added and subtlety is coming back. It’s now also used in combination with photography and other graphic design styles and shapes.

collage facetted graphic

In fashion it is used to give volume and rigidness to the flowyness of fabrics. Ine de Haes makes beautiful shapes in her garments, using a faceted way to fold the fabric. Jewelry is showing geometric shapes and exaggerated faceted gems or beads.

collage facetted fashion