Niyona workshop

Recently, I had the pleasure to join the “an initiation in leather” workshop at the atelier of Niyona in Brussels, Belgium. In a few hours, I created a small leather wallet / card holder from scratch! How exciting!

It was very interesting to learn about the different steps to make a leather item (purse, bag, whatever), to have an introduction to all the machines and to see the passion of true craftsmen (and women).

Niyona deel 1kl

The Niyona pieces are all crafted in Belgium and all very original. Their flagship store Hello James also offers some other cool, small brands. Crafted by real people who spent hours on the details of the product. All products are a great combination of craftsmanship, design and innovation.  Owner Nina clearly has a strong vision of what her brand should be.

Niyona deel 2kl

Niyona Ateliers & flagship store: Rue de Laeken 86 (Lakensestraat), Brussels.

Pictures by Niyona and myself.

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